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Inspiring You With Delicious Food

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Rosemary & Roux is proud to be lead by woman entrepreneurs. Chef Katie Cox and Ashley Keifer are not only business partners, they have been good friends for years after meeting while working together in a local restaurant. 

Ashley Keifer is a wife and mother of 3, Tulane Grad, and Muse. Her organizational skills are the perfect yin to Chef Katie's yang. Ashley handles sales, accounting, and human relations for Rosemary & Roux. She also has many years experience in the hospitality field. Since Ashley's prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome in her first born daughter Lilli, she has become an advocate for other families touched by an extra chromosome. She exposes the ABILITIES of people with Down Syndrome to the world while promoting acceptance and love. Ashley and Katie are both former Executive Board Members of GiGi's Playhouse New Orleans Chapter which is a Down Syndrome Achievement Center. For more information on GiGi's Playhouse click this link:

Chef Katie Cox, the Founder, Executive Chef, and Lead Coordinator of Rosemary & Roux is a native of New Orleans. She began her journey in the restaurant and hospitality industry by working in a diner at age 11, but her real training began at home in the 2nd grade by her chef mother. Over the years she honed her craft working in restaurants across the U.S. in both “front of house” and “back of house” positions. At work and in her personal life she has been fortunate to be mentored by many different types of chefs and business professionals. 


In 2011 when her children were very young, she decided to go back to school for formal training in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. During that time, she started catering events as a hobby. Since then, she graduated with honors and her little hobby has grown to a 65 seat cafe and full-service catering company.

Her style of cooking is "low and slow." In south Louisiana they call it "smothered," but chefs call it "braising." Her signature dish, Roast Beef Debris is sure to please the foodies in your group as well as the guests with more simple tastes. That's the way she designs menus for events; it's food EVERYONE enjoys eating. Not too fussy, but sure to impress. Her cheese table displays will be remembered by your guests for years to come. Go to our menu tab to see her offerings.

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